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Kalkara is the unofficial fourth member of the so-called Three Cities, nestling inside the creek on the eastern side of Vittoriosa. Although excluded from the group of cities, it shares the same historical and economic background, a dependence on all things maritime and an important role in wartime. Kalkara has its own strongholds. Fort Ricasoli, a massive fortress at the entrance to Grand Harbour, was built in 1670. The smaller Fort Rinella is a late 19th century British addition to the harbour’s fortifications. The area between the forts houses the Mediterranean Film Studios. At the head of Bighi Peninsula is the old British Royal Naval Hospital, used today as a school for restoration studies. Kalkara Creek is also known as ‘English Creek’, a link which dates back to the time of King Henry VIII. Kalkara itself retains the air of a sleepy, picturesque fishing harbour. Behind the small boat yard at heart of the creek, is an entrance to the Great Ditch in the Three Cities’ fortifications. From here, a path winds through an olive grove up to Vittoriosa.

The Three Cities offer an intriguing insight into Malta and its history. Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua can rightly claim to be the cradle of Maltese history, as they have provided a home and fortress to almost every people who settled on the Islands for more than 500 years.

The Guesthouse is located only about ten minutes away from Malta‘s only Golf course. Scuba diving can also be booked from reception. Malta and Gozo is surrounded by the beautiful and clean Mediterranean sea. There are various sunken wrecks and the colourful wildlife underwater is sure to astonish any diver.

The south of Malta’s Landscape is ideal for hiking and walking tours, one can see various parts of the old Malta in the fields and villages. Cart ruts are also quite popular and can be seen throughout the country side all over the island.

Fort Ricasoli – Kalkara – Malta

It was designed by the Italian military engineer Antonio Maurizio Valperga, as part of Grand Master Nicholas Cottoner’s extensive fortifications around Grand Harbour. It is named for the knight who financed a large part of the works, Fra Giovanni Francesco Ricasoli.

The Fort continued to be an active military installation throughout the British period.
Fort Ricasoli was active in the defence of Malta during the second world war. Structural alterations and additional gun emplacements on the seaward bastion bear witness to its continued use and evolution as a military installation.
The fort has suffered significant damage from enemy action in the siege of Malta during World War II, when much of the internal structure was badly damaged. The gate has been rebuilt, but the internal buildings including the Governor’s House have been lost.

Fort Rinella – Kalkara – Malta

British Royal Engineers built Fort Rinella between 1878 and 1886 at a time when the Islands were threatened by the supremacy of the Italian navy. The fort was therefore equipped with a massive 100-ton gun as a coastal battery, designed to become the world’s largest cannon.
The gun, still on show at Fort Rinella, has a barrel almost 10-metres long and could fire a one-ton shell about three miles.
During WWII, the fort served as a coastal watching point for the British forces. The fort museum depicts the life of the British garrisons based here and shows how the great gun was operated. It also houses a collection of militaria and ordnance.

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